Let me tell you the story of Sweet Water. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of owning a business. I imagined that the business would be excellent in every way - people who excelled and loved their work, an atmosphere that was friendly and welcoming, a beautiful location that was convenient for everyone. This would be a place where my customers would be treated like guests in my own home, a place where they would feel nurtured and cared for.


For years I admired a piece of property with a little house that sat on the top of a hill and overlooked the New Meadows marsh. I found out that the house was built in 1880. It had a quaintness that somehow seemed to pull me towards it. In the early years, the front of the house was lined with wild roses that bloomed all summer long. I imagined guests arriving by horse and buggy, enjoying tea and crumpets in the front parlor while waiting to be received by the owner.



100 years later the home became a working gentleman's farm complete with sheep, chickens, pigs and a nice hearty garden. The owner of this gentleman's farm shared one of her most precious memories with me.


“My favorite part of the farming was the sheep. Somehow I seemed to acquire more sheep than the farm could naturally feed. So we had to transport them to a small island off the coast of Maine where they spent their summer days grazing and getting very fat. I have fond memories of sitting in the garden room and spinning wool, quilting and getting lost in the beauty of the New Meadows marsh."


In 2003, three years after I graduated from Medical Aesthetics and had built a small skin care business, opportunity knocked on my door and led me back to this little house on top of the hill at 430 Bath Road. My dream began to unfold. I rented the house and opened Sweet Water Day Spa in February of 2004.

Today, we honor the home's history. We've maintained the grounds and the beautiful gardens surrounding the house. We still serve tea to our guests (and hot cocoa, lemon water or gourmet coffee). The quilts we use and display are a reminder of the home's country beginnings.



Sweet Water, once a little girl's dream, is now a grown woman's reality. Please accept my invitation to visit us. Allow our staff the pleasure of caring for you. The people who work here are dedicated, knowledgeable and love their work. It would be our pleasure to welcome you as our guest in this home we call Sweet Water. 

-Mona Corro